Charter System Advisory Commitee Meetings

APS' Charter System Advisory Committee meets monthly to review and make recommendations to the charter system application. Open to the public, all meetings take place 6-8:30 pm at the Center for L...more

April 27 - Monday
1st Grade - HTHT
April 28 - Tuesday
1st Grade - HTHT
3rd Grade French Food Day
April 29 - Wednesday
1st Grade - HTHT
Unity Concert - PC
April 30 - Thursday
Kindergarten Field Trip
5th Grade French Food Day
May 1 - Friday
07:30 AM - Fidelity Bank
07:30 AM - School Store Open - IC and PC
May 4 - Monday
Rising Kindergarten Screening
May 5 - Tuesday
Rising Kindergarten Screening
May 6 - Wednesday
Rising Kindergarten Screening
09:00 AM - School Tours
May 7 - Thursday
Box Tops Collection Day
Rising Kindergarten Screening
4th Grade French Food Day
May 8 - Friday
Rising Kindergarten Screening
4th Grade French Food Day
07:30 AM - School Store Open - IC and PC
May 11 - Monday
International Travelers Week
May 12 - Tuesday
International Travelers Week
Local School Council Election Day
06:30 PM - 2nd Grade Night at the IC
May 13 - Wednesday
International Travelers Week
May 14 - Thursday
International Travelers Week
5th Grade PYP Exhibition
May 15 - Friday
International Travelers Week
5th Grade PYP Exhibition
07:30 AM - Fidelity Bank
07:30 AM - School Store Open - IC and PC
May 20 - Wednesday
Yearbook Signing - IC
05:30 PM - 5th Grade Graduation
May 21 - Thursday
Yearbook Signing - PC
May 22 - Friday
Last day of school!!!
End of Year Parties
May 25 - Monday
Memorial Day
June 2 - Tuesday
Final Report Cards
October 24 - Saturday
Fall Festival
January 11 - Monday
11:30 AM - 4th Grade Field Trip
January 12 - Tuesday
11:30 AM - 4th Grade Field Trip
January 14 - Thursday
11:30 AM - 4th Grade Field Trip
January 15 - Friday
11:30 AM - 4th Grade Field Trip

March 30, 2015

Hello Sarah Smith Community -  

With the school year quickly passing by, thoughts begin to turn to next school year and class placement for students. It is critically important for parents to understand that the placement process has many factors which must be considered when formulating classes. Classes are NOT formulated by administrators in isolation, rather all teachers provide input within their grade level teams in order to create the class lists. Your child’s teacher has the best knowledge of each child’s educational needs. The following information is taken into account when forming classes: 

  1. Educational needs of each child 
  2. Gender 
  3. Ethnicity 
  4. Performance levels of each child 
  5. Behavior considerations 
  6. Special services (ESOL, Special Education, Gifted, SST) 

The process of class placement is taken very seriously. It is important to provide each student with a rich range of exposure to different styles of teachers from year to year. The staff and the principal are very prepared to make decisions concerning student placement. I am asking parents to trust the recommendations of the educators who know the children and have taught them. Parents interested in providing the school with information about their child, which may assist us in placing him/her in a classroom, are asked to do so via an email or a letter to the child’s current teacher AND to the principal no later than April 20, 2015. Please DO NOT request a teacher by name. Only highlight for us the type of learning environment in which your child would be most successful from your perspective. Requests to move children from one class to another will only be granted in extreme circumstances. 

The placement process continues well into the summer since new students continue to enroll and some current students withdraw. The administrative team, in collaboration with teachers, makes final placement decisions. 

Congratulations – 

The following students have attained major accomplishments in the past few weeks. 

  • H. Proctor, a fifth grader in Ms. Abromitis’s class, has been selected as a Carson Scholar for 2015 for writing. She will receive a $1,000 scholarship award that will be invested for her college education. 

  • The Sarah Smith Odyssey of the Mind team won first place at the regional tournament at Parkview High School. They will now compete in the state tournament. Members of the team include A. Ellis, J. Langley, D. Maxey, S. Stovin, and J. Tilgner. 

  • The following SRS students WON at the Reflections state level!

o  Visual Arts – B. Rubinger (3rd - Larkin)
o Literature – C. Fleming (1st - Cecil)
o Literature – T. Blobaum (3rd - Treutel)
o Dance – V. Saboo (5th - Payne)
o Film – D. Ford (3rd - Macken ) 

Returning to SRS for the 2015-2016 School Year? –

Thanks to everyone who has submitted the census/residency verification information for the 2015-2016 school year. Reminder letters will be sent in the very near future to those who did not supply necessary documents. On April 15, 2015 each student will bring home a letter about returning to Sarah Smith for the 2015-2016 school year. Everyone should return these for all students on or before April 22, 2015. 

Did You Know – 

Without the tremendous support of the Sarah Smith Educational Foundation (SSEF), Sarah Smith would not be able to provide teachers and students with a good deal of the technology we have on each campus. SSEF has purchased an additional iPad cart (30 iPads) for each campus this year. All teachers received new document cameras and printers as well! We are grateful for these wonderful resources. 

Staff Feature – 

Each month, two staff members are randomly selected to be profiled in The Anchor. This gives readers an opportunity to know a little bit about our wonderful faculty and staff members. 

Jill Frank – Second Grade Teacher
Birthplace/Hometown – Worcester, Massachusetts
Education – BA from University of Hartford in Early Childhood Education, MED from Lesley College in Educational Technology
Hobbies, Family, Interests – Loves spending time with family (husband Glenn and twin boys Brandon and Colin). Enjoys outside activities like going to the beach and hiking!
Claim to Fame – Mrs. Frank is related to Robert E. Lee. Her father’s cousin is married to his granddaughter.
Favorite Quote – “You can’t always get what you want.” “Shoot for the sky-if you miss you will be amongst the stars” Authors unknown

Tori Byrd - French Teacher
Birthplace/Hometown – Greensboro, North Carolina
Education – Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/French from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Teacher certification in French from North Georgia College and State University.
Hobbies, Family, Interests – Enjoys traveling and taking walks in nature with her husband and daughters. Loves dancing and singing, but doesn’t do either very well.
Claim to Fame – Still trying to figure that out....
Favorite Quote – “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than you fear of failure.” Bill Cosby 

Your Principal,
Ken Proctor, Ed.D.